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Born in 1945 and moving to Kenya only a year later, Pete Kibble learned the ethics of hunting at an early age by spending most of his free time as a boy hunting and fishing. He earned his reputation on safari under the watchful eye of some of Africa’s great old time hunters such as Eric Rundgren, John Cook, Bill Ryan, John Dugmore, John Lawrence and Fred Bartlett.

By 1962 Pete was hunting dangerous game mainly problem elephant and buffalo, and stock killing leopard. In 1967 Pete married Liz, the daughter of Fred Bartlett,  author of “Shoot Straight and Stay Alive.”

The birth of three sons, Michael, Kevin and Brian, created the fourth generation of professional hunters. Together with their parents, Pete and Liz, they run a hunting operation in Namibia that prides itself on providing quality trophies and fair chase hunting safaris.

From tented camps or spike camping in over 1, 000, 000 acres of hunting concession with quality animals, to the thrill of fly catching tiger fish on the Kavango river or photographic safaris, your dream African adventure is assured by this professional outfitter.

Pete Kibble over the years



At the tender age of one, Peter Kibble and his family travel on a troop ship to Kenya via the Suez Canal. They settle as farmers in the Laikipia region, a huge expanse of wilderness, rich in wildlife and stunning scenery. Growing up in this environment gave Peter a fascination for wildlife and hunting.


Attends Nyeri boarding school but the draw of the wild meant Pete left school at only 14 years old.
During this time, Pete’s father was District Commissioner and therefore he came into contact with numerous hunting legends such as Eric Rundgren, Bill Ryan, Andrew Holmberg (whose godmother was Karen Blixen), John Dugmore, Tony Dyer & Fred Bartlett (author of ‘Shot Straight and Stay Alive’).


Helps Tony Dyer, author of ‘Men for All Seasons’, to shoot problem buffalo damaging crops.


Marries Elizabeth, Fred Bartlett’s daughter.


Pete and Liz move to Botswana to help out with the running of Hunters Africa, a hunting company founded by Liz’s father, Fred Bartlett, and John Lawrence.


Move to Namibia (then South West Africa) whilst working as a professional hunter throughout Africa.


Pete sets-up his own company, Trophy Safaris.


With over 50 years of hunting experience, both of dangerous animals and plains game, Pete Kibble offers visitors to Namibia the ultimate hunting experience.