Est. 1994

Trophy Hunting in Namibia


Years of Hunting

Trophy Safaris was established in 1994 by Pete Kibble. However, his story started much earlier in 1946 when his family moved to Kenya. Growing up in East Africa, Pete Kibble learned the ethics of hunting at an early age, spending most of his free time hunting and fishing. He earned his reputation on safari under the watchful eye of some of Africa’s great old time hunters. This provided his love of being out in the wilderness, wildlife and hunting. With over 50 years of experience in the business, you’re trip to Namibia is in safe hands.

The Camp

Our accommodation is traditional "East African Safari" style.
The Camp is built around a central area which provides a dining area, barbeque and sundowner facilities as well as a lounge where our clients can relax after a day in the wilderness.


Trophy Safaris Namibia - Experience hunting in traditional "East African" fashion.

Namibian Game

Plains Zebra
Landscape near Windhoek

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Sand track
Cooking on an open fire

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